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contextual essay.

DIGITAL ARTEFACT LINKS: Pegsprojectfolio Second WordPress Site Square Space Site LinkedIn Twitter My proposed digital artefact this semester was a rework of my portfolio site, as well as creating a cohesive online professional presence. Coming into the final years of my degree, I noticed a lack of preparation for entering the workforce post-graduation. In order... Continue Reading →

beta reviews

Beta One: LUNAREN Designs (Lorena Farrenras) Iterations Concept: Since the pitch, LUNAREN as a project has shifted the focus from physical candle development to the social media presence surrounding it. The concept of a fan catered business is still present, but it has grown beyond the realm of solely Kpop. I commend Lorena for... Continue Reading →

pitch reviews

Pitch One: LUNAREN (Lorena Farrenras) Concept Lorena’s digital artefact concept, LUNAREN, is an online based store creating aesthetically pleasing Kpop themed merchandise. As a retired Kpop stan, I can appreciate Lorena's recognition of the glaring gap in the market. Gen-z aren’t really after plastic sticks with lights on them. The DA will be based... Continue Reading →

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