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digital artefact: pitch (research edition™)

I am no stranger to hippy dippy mumbo jumbo on the internet being thrust in my face as a coeliac and plant based individual - but would I take their advice if it was less obvious? Source Celebrity influence in all fields of life is apparent, with vegan celebrities being no different. Celebrities endorsing... Continue Reading →

research & ethics: tofu and dilemmas

For my research area I am planning to explore vegan food and wellness content on YouTube and related platforms. More specifically, the health advice and recommendations provided and the legitimacy of these claims and the environment it comes from. In order to put my past ideas into legitimate points, secondary academic research and considering ethical... Continue Reading →

plan of attack: are they just full of it?

As explored in my previous posts that detailed and mapped my media niche of vegan food and wellness YouTubers, this week it's time to put it all into perspective in regards to its validity as a project.  Problematisation  The vegan food online community comes with quite a lot of spectacle, and often backlash. These creators... Continue Reading →

field site: oversaturation of plant food

Building from my previous post on my media niche, this week I tried to narrow and define my field site of Vegan Food Content.  My Field Map A field site can be mapped by recognising the spatial characteristics of a field-based research project, focusing on the way and how the relevant interactions take place (Burrel... Continue Reading →

my media niche: cooked plants

The internet is full of information on the wildest range of topics you could ever imagine, however not all of this content is true (or helpful). Being a coeliac individual and following a plant based lifestyle, I am no stranger to self proclaimed health gurus, ‘dieticians’ and weird people trying to sell herbs as a... Continue Reading →

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