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ScapeVScape: context matters

My digital artefact, ScapeVScape, aims to understand the player attraction to Old School RuneScape over RuneScape 3 using my analytical framework and real player opinions.  The Framework (Aesthetics, Affect & Nostalgia) My Aesthetic analysis was inspired by the A in the MDA Framework (Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics) proposed by Hunicke, Leblanc and Zubek in 2004.... Continue Reading →

(beta) comments & reflection

Beta One: Pantone Games (Josephine Doyle) Source Beta One, Pantone Games, is an evolved project based on the same topic of Josephine's pitch of colours in video games. There has been a shift from only looking at the psychological impact of colours in games, but also the design process. I think this was a good... Continue Reading →

comments & critical reflection

Pitch One: Pantone Games (Josephine Doyle) Source This first pitch, Pantone Games, is a project that aims to explore colour psychology in specifically mobile games. The current expected form of the digital artefact is an Instagram page, short YouTube videos and blog posts that present the analytical findings. I found this pitch structure very refreshing,... Continue Reading →

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