comments & critical reflection

Pitch One: Pantone Games

(Josephine Doyle)

This first pitch, Pantone Games, is a project that aims to explore colour psychology in specifically mobile games. The current expected form of the digital artefact is an Instagram page, short YouTube videos and blog posts that present the analytical findings.

I found this pitch structure very refreshing, concise and effective – something I struggle with myself. Josephine had a really strong grasp on her concept and has done some commendable ground work. I gave some academic readings as suggestions that I believed could further her research in areas that were related to, but not included, in the pitch presentation. I put forward information mainly around the colour perceivement differences when the medium is in the form of a video game, which is important to consider.

A common theme throughout my comment structures was highlighting the highs and a severe lacking in more constructive criticism on the lows. I felt more comfortable providing additional information rather than advice, however, next time I want to improve my feedback skills to help others iterate their projects.

Pitch Two: Cooking with Cooking Mama

(Bella Creswick)

This second pitch struck a real chord with me, as I am familiar and a long time lover of the game media text being focused on. Cooking with Cooking Mama is a series featured on Instagram page Needing a Feeding, that will replicate meals from the game Cooking Mama.

The real standout for me was the underlying social utility and framed question of if ‘lifestyle and hobby related games can improve the relevant skills’. Alike to pitch one, I provided more academic research I thought could be useful in their journey. The articles main focuses was with the resonation and mental association to either gaming memories or linkage to real life activities.

Something I noticed but failed to comment on was where the analysis and insights learnt will live in the DA. As it is Instagram based, I will be interested to see if the findings will be incorporated into the captions, recorded elsewhere or visually recycled into the posts.

Pitch Three: Game Illustrations

(Dayle Beazley)

The third and final pitch I provided feedback on is a digital artefact that will be a series of video game character recreations or commissioned character recreations presented across many social media platforms. This project has a similar aspect to mine in the idea of art recreation of the game media texts.

As there was little secondary research included in the presentation, I decided to take a different approach to the comments above and recommended some ideas to consider when undertaking the project. As through my readings I learnt how important the game history is to the graphics, I wanted to share that knowledge as I think having nods to past character features could be a great touch in Dayle’s art.

Having shared artwork before, in Reddit in particular, through my own experience I learnt that general art subreddits can be less engaging than game specific subreddits. By posting her art in a community that is already interested in the game media text it would be a great source of feedback. I feel as though I got more comfortable giving constructive criticism throughout but still have plenty of room to develope my skills in this area.

References: used in comments (in order of mention)

Pitch One

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Pitch Two

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