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contextual essay.

DIGITAL ARTEFACT LINKS: Pegsprojectfolio Second WordPress Site Square Space Site LinkedIn Twitter My proposed digital artefact this semester was a rework of my portfolio site, as well as creating a cohesive online professional presence. Coming into the final years of my degree, I noticed a lack of preparation for entering the workforce post-graduation. In order... Continue Reading →

beta reviews

Beta One: LUNAREN Designs (Lorena Farrenras) Iterations Concept: Since the pitch, LUNAREN as a project has shifted the focus from physical candle development to the social media presence surrounding it. The concept of a fan catered business is still present, but it has grown beyond the realm of solely Kpop. I commend Lorena for... Continue Reading →

pitch reviews

Pitch One: LUNAREN (Lorena Farrenras) Concept Lorena’s digital artefact concept, LUNAREN, is an online based store creating aesthetically pleasing Kpop themed merchandise. As a retired Kpop stan, I can appreciate Lorena's recognition of the glaring gap in the market. Gen-z aren’t really after plastic sticks with lights on them. The DA will be based... Continue Reading →

live tweeting is actually kind of hard?

The second half of the semester might have gone a little bit downhill for #BCM325's and my relationship. Self motivation and subject engagement definitely took dip, but, this just creates more room for improvement in the future. Let the compilation of Week 6's through to Week 11's tweets begin. Blade Runner 2049 Week sixes screening... Continue Reading →

should you pre-generate tweets? probably.

Live tweeting for each screening has resulted in a pretty consistent experience with engagement, with comedic angles often taking the interaction cake. After compiling the tweets throughout the semester, it most definitely brought my lack of analytical and academic lenses to attention. Nevertheless, here is my tweeting summary from weeks 1 to 5 thus far... Continue Reading →

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