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beta reviews

Beta One: LUNAREN Designs

(Lorena Farrenras)



Since the pitch, LUNAREN as a project has shifted the focus from physical candle development to the social media presence surrounding it. The concept of a fan catered business is still present, but it has grown beyond the realm of solely Kpop. I commend Lorena for adventuring into different niches and broadening their target audience. 

In my feedback for Lorena’s pitch, I made the suggestion of establishing a clearer audience through the use of starter-packs and mood-boards. This has been applied since the pitch and I think it has strengthened the concept as a whole. The inspiration could be taken one step further with potential collaborations with the similar Instagram accounts mentioned. The aesthetics of LUNAREN I believe are strong enough and it could be time to consider how to expand the online presence beyond single accounts and think more collaboratively.


Candle making is not my forte, so the fact that there has been so much effort thus far into making physical products is quite impressive. The expansion to multiple different platforms was also a solid iteration methodology wise as it casts a bigger feedback net. I think the methodology is where there can be the most experimentation, with a variety of content already being produced across platforms. 

I would love to see some Q&A content, perhaps with traffic generated from Lorena’s other Instagram account @__cafeculture. Promotional content I think also needs to be increased, especially on Instagram. There have been product delays which can be hard to navigate when trying to photograph and centre a photo around these products – but perhaps mock up drawings or design ideas could be shared to increase audience excitement. The polls are a good way of getting feedback, but perhaps increasing interactivity opportunities that have an incentive, like a giveaway, could be a productive move. Working with product samples is currently an individual task, but thinking of a way to incorporate more feedback into the design process could elevate this project.


Interestingly enough, I think the niche candle market focus is a double edged sword for this project. I would like to see product expansion in the future, with other fan base apparel or items – but I also love how specific the target audience is. Working past product manufacturing is a current obstacle for Lorena, so the online presence section is an important area to focus on for the time being. In saying that, I think conceptualising future endeavours is also a productive use of time. 

Hitting the ground running with numerous design ideas that have been approved and improved upon with audience feedback, once production is smoothly flowing, seems like the ideal approach. I would also like to see a business outline with the future goals of LUNAREN. Viewing this as a company instead of a project could allow for more ambitious and creative outlets. It almost acts as an interactive portfolio for future employers, as well as an opportunity to experience running an online business. 

I am so incredibly happy for Lorena and their excellent progress for LUNAREN, well done!

Beta Two: PierroPerspective

(Charlotte Pierro)



Pierro Perspective has remained a project centred around Charlotte’s passion and future career of photography. I think that this project idea is an excellent use of subject resources in regards to building a portfolio for employers. Discussed in the Beta, Charlotte has received engagement from other businesses which is something that needs to be congratulated! 

The concept iterations since the pitch have not been too drastic, but the goals of a Wix Website and an Instagram account have been executed. I am personally working on a website for myself, so I can appreciate that having a functional live site is no mean feat. 

I would like to see some expansion of how the company is viewed. I think some personal branding is in order, with perhaps a logo, business cards, or company merchandise that can act as a symbol for the company. Outside of sharing photography work, a recognisable brand identity is also an important factor of the business world.


There has been content on Instagram reels and posts shared, with the experimentation of hashtags to improve engagement. There has been a focus on landscape imagery, the expansion to portraits and other areas of photography can now be more feasible given the easing of lockdown. I think some content ideas that can be added to the schedule are: behind the scenes work, a Q&A with Charlotte, This or That Instagram polls, editing processes and industry tips. 

Diversifying into different platforms like TikTok, or even a Facebook business page, could improve engagement and create a greater chance of feedback. I think there needs to be more focus on what type of content Charlotte’s audience are after. I think creating mood boards and taking inspiration from photographers along the same aesthetic can be helpful in strengthening the business identity.


Since this is a potential career, Charlotte needs to set themself apart from other students. A focus for the future will be building their portfolio, but also establishing personal flare. Showing what they can bring to the table can only be helpful for future endeavours. I can personally relate to having personal issues impact my performance this semester, but it is important to not be so hard on yourself. Taking time to build engagement and a solid company identity is important, it is not a race. 

I wish Charlotte all the best with their project, congratulations on almost finding the semester! 🙂


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