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appreciation through recognition of struggle [global music]

The hip hop music genre is widely recognised for its deep roots in the history of African Americans and their previous and past oppressions as a marginalised group. The lyricism in these songs traditionally reflects adversity and takes an anti-authortian stance. It made comment on the injustices of hyper-criminalisation and contributed to a hip-hop culture,... Continue Reading →

[global film]

The science fiction film Avatar was released in 2009, and has only recently been dethroned as the ‘biggest movie of all time’ by Avengers Endgame.  Avatar was produced in the United States, which does not end up as westernised as it sounds. The film is set in the mid-22nd century when humans are colonising Pandora,... Continue Reading →

love has no language [global television]

Being a millennial teen that doesn’t watch the Block on Channel 9, as per most, I tend to find myself leanings towards television shows that aren’t particularly from around here. By ‘around here’ I mean series that have been produced in a place that exceeds local, regional and national boundaries of Australia.   Factors like age,... Continue Reading →

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