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contextual essay: SVS & Projectfolio

idea My digital artefact as it currently stands is a three part series, ScapeVScape, analysing the appeal of Old School RuneScape over RuneScape 3 using reddit opinions. This series lives on my portfolio website which I also created for myself and this particular project. This concept is not where my DA originally started, but this... Continue Reading →

the internet of things

Based on the amount of technological devices in the apartment - I would definitely lose to a battle if they were to band together with sentience. It really got me thinking how I depend on my devices communicating with each other in their little networks, which resembles the concept of the Internet of Things. a... Continue Reading →

dark fiber

Stuxnet was a multi-part worm that traveled on USB sticks and spread through Microsoft Windows computers. I myself am no tech whiz nor do I understand how this is technologically possible - however, this little tech worm absolutely obliterated the nuclear program of Iran. "When it infects a computer, it checks to see if that... Continue Reading →

anonymous resistance

Firstly, hats off to any form of activists who use their time proactively for something they care about. However, something that caught my attention from this weeks topic was ethical hacking. When I first saw the term, I thought it was like ethically killed chickens or ethical vegan activists stealing pigs - but for computers.... Continue Reading →

networked insurgencies

Memes are funny. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. These reoccurring characters, ideas or nonsensical combinations of words are your typical meme outlay and have the power to change the world. The conscious and subconscious messages they implant in your thought process overtime can be a dangerous weapon. I for one find communist memes quite... Continue Reading →

feudalism 2.0

I have recently been on a social media ~detox~ that could potentially span until the end of time. I couldn't shake the feeling that everything I was seeing was curated for my eyes, brain and key demographics. Sure, as a marketing and digital media student, this is fascinating stuff. However, as a consumer, it is... Continue Reading →

the attention economy

Success on the internet can be clocked up to well produced content, luck (or intentional nature?) of the algorithm, viral topic mention or a skill in a certain area. Standing out with a skill, talent, area of mild expertise or passion can be difficult when everyone else has this so called talent. Food and recipe... Continue Reading →

the chronic task of sorting

Discussing my degree with particular family members often leads to confusion on one end and invalidity on the other. Tweeting, blog posts, online discussion - none of this is tangible. Look at my new commissioned drawing of sonic the hedgehog erotica rings a little different to look at this wooden chair I made you pops.... Continue Reading →

civilisation of the mind

The cyberpunk subculture in its heyday was internet badasses - hacking, weird clothes and the epitome of the entire aesthetic of The Matrix. It was described as the Red Light District of the Virtual Community by Steve Mizrach. The cyberpunk set up today goes a little something like this: Source I think the loss of... Continue Reading →

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