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the journey so far:

Beta Video

where it is headed:

new subreddits

I have started to get the hang of reddit culture and etiquette, along with this, I have noticed that the closer you are the subreddit genre – the more engagement you get. Due to posting in primarily broad art subreddits, I have been getting upvotes.

I want to focus on ai websites that have niche content so I can further increase my engagement to strengthen by feedback loop. Sites like this waifu does not exist and this pony does not exist cater to smaller internet subcultures like otakus and bronies. I am not personally deeply involved in these fan groups, but there are numerous subreddits dedicated to these groups and have fan art communities.


These type of drawings will definitely get me out of my comfort zone and help me produce things I would have not done previously.

the final product

In my Beta, I focused a lot on where I am currently at and how I got there. A huge part of my Digital Artefact is the end result – a compilation of all the documentation on my site.

I want to build on my first idea of a magazine presented in my pitch and spread more towards a mini guide for these AI sites and those new to Reddit. Detailing my experiences with certain subreddits, the feedback I got and showcasing the capabilities of the AI sites used is what I want to encompass in my end DA.

I have been browsing online sites to home this guide and Canva seems like the best bet at the moment. It allows for a link to be shared to your work and exists on the internet. There needs to be more iteration on this area of my DA, which I should not have left until now. I think starting the prototyping on the end product now allows for more experimentation, feedback and improvement opportunities.

project links!

Portfolio Website


Reddit Profile





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