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research reflection

The exploration of my particular research topic was initially due to the fact that I could personally resonate with nerves due to public speaking at University, and the discovery that I am not alone has been quite comforting. I went into this project expecting the majority of the answers I received, an overwhelming amount of... Continue Reading →

Does University improve interpersonal skills?

Public speaking in a University environment can evoke a range of emotions from students, the most dominating feeling being a type of nerves. These feelings are still increasingly common in tertiary students with 18% of a student population rating public speaking in front of their peers as more fearful than death (Dwyer K. & Davidson... Continue Reading →

(refined) research proposal pitch

Do interpersonal skills like public speaking and oral presentations improve through your degree as you get more comfortable at University or does it depend more on the personality type?  My intended topic is to look at  Students public speaking skillsThe potential anxieties around it If their skills change throughout their degree [How does University improve life... Continue Reading →

(unrefined) research proposal pitch

There are some things in your second year of University that you expect to have changed since the year before, for me that was ice breakers. Much to my dismay, in the first tutorials of this year they still made my knees buckle and voice crack like a floundering child. I tried to plan and... Continue Reading →

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