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pr-eye-va-sea or pr-iv-aci

It's not meant to be a pun, it's the pronunciation, ok cool. So basically China is the country love child of Big Brother and that one Black Mirror episode. It has made the call to enlist a social credit scoring system that rates you, kind of as a human being. We have credit scores in... Continue Reading →

open or closed sauce

Closed sources provide solid software, that cannot be easily altered by the public. Open sources allows public collaboration, discussion and assistance. Both are ~valid~ and have their own points of use, and I think it is a matter of personal preference, however that can be swayed on functionality and aesthetics. I am not a technologically... Continue Reading →

UOWFITS / da beta

UOWFits aims to showcase what students at the University of Wollongong are wearing, and WHY. UOWFits is a functioning and public business Instagram page. One post is dedicated to one individual or group, it has different photo points of their outfit, and the caption includes their name, what they are studying and “Why they are... Continue Reading →

framed and put up on the mantelpiece

We understand the world through some constant glasses called frames. How we perceive and interpret a piece of content is dependant on it's assembly and intended frame, as well as our own association chains. These chains are made up of things like personal experiences and things we have learnt since being alive human meat sacks.... Continue Reading →

is it aesthetic or just ugly? or both?

The internet homes so many niche online communities that it's actually terrifying. There is something out there for everyone, always. The reason it is so accommodating is because rather than waiting for representation or regulated content from legacy media, we now make our own. Credit: u/zenbox101 Making content, like memes, can be be low budget... Continue Reading →

is the medium REALLY the message?

This weeks lecture left my brain boggled, I didn’t really grasp the concept, and in all honesty it still might not be fully grasped. Marshall McLuhan's idea of the medium being the message is explained as: “…the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from... Continue Reading →

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