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advanced digital media project: beta.

beta video


  1. existing portfolio
  2. second WordPress attempt
  3. Square Space site

focus for the future

message & target audience

I have been grappling with the site limitations and design in it’s own right, but I am still lacking a clear identity. The target audience is future employers, which casts a net that is too broad. By narrowing down my focus to appealing to creative digital media and marketing specialists, I have begun exploring types of content they are after. There is a clear industry standard of a credible LinkedIn, Twitter and a personal website. The examples that shine through have not only a distinct personal flare, but showcase their niche expertise. I have been stumped on what skills I want to highlight in future posted content which has slowed down production.

The narrative being illustrated within the examples I prefer is showing a new wave of design and content production. I want to avoid the canva-esque, millennial, professional office storyboard; but it has proven difficult to be original. I have been working with a close friend who is a graphic design student looking to get experience with web design. This has proven useful in understanding how to moodboard and use inspiration to create something new. Her assistance has been my main source of feedback, which brings me to my next focus for the future.

expand the feedback loop

The self criticism so far has not been a substantial enough attempt at feedback. I aim to use a curated tutorial and share polls about different aesthetics on Twitter to the cohort in the following week. Being able to work with someone who has more knowledge in design principles has been extremely useful in the production process. However, the two person feedback loop is not expansive enough to have all avenues considered. The two main blocks in more sources for feedback are:

  1. The underestimation of how long the web design process takes. It has been a rough semester for most, I am no exception to this. The time management has not been of assistance, but a hinderance to my performance. I have not shared design stages to the public due to the sheer incompleteness and lack of meaty content.
  2. Confidence. I have failed early and failed very often in regards to this project, but given this being a third year subject, I feel as though there is a standard I am not reaching yet. This is a personal hurdle, but still has been impacting my work.

Successful sources of feedback I have used in the past are topic specific subreddits and cohort advice. By improving my outreach to feedback sources, I hope to implement the criticism and improve the overall trajectory of my project.


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