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pitch reviews

Pitch One: LUNAREN

(Lorena Farrenras)


Lorena’s digital artefact concept, LUNAREN, is an online based store creating aesthetically pleasing Kpop themed merchandise. As a retired Kpop stan, I can appreciate Lorena’s recognition of the glaring gap in the market. Gen-z aren’t really after plastic sticks with lights on them. The DA will be based on Etsy primarily, which is a great tool for online businesses to reach customers. The addition of TikTok is also a wise move. 

The Kpop twitter arena is a dominating area of social media, which I believe would be a worthwhile suggestion to look at when considering ways to expand business. Lorena’s existing DA, @cafeculture, is also an amazing tool to draw in business – perhaps doing an instagram series in line with the consistent aesthetic could be a good use of the footage already being taken for TikTok. 


Candle making is no mean feat and it is not the most fast-paced or inexpensive line of production. The rapid prototyping and testing will be important to getting the product correct. The initial investment of time will provide the opportunity for a prolonged project into the future, however, it will be a fiddly and time consuming task. 

As a suggestion, I think working on the online presence and branding of LUNAREN is just as important (if  not more) than the products. Establishing a consistent business in line with Lorena’s starter pack will be the most useful contribution to their future portfolio. It is clear that their graphic design skills and eye for aesthetics is quite strong, I imagine this will translate well into a brand identity.


There is a clear problem being addressed as discussed in the Pitch, the breakdown was clear and well presented in the video – even if it was perhaps a tad bit long. The niche has been noticed well and the engagement received on polls shows that the right approach is being taken.  

As this project exists not only to meet the needs of users, it also serves a purpose to Lorena’s future design career prospects. The pitch was visually designed well, which makes me wonder if a breakdown of the brand identity process would be useful to curate in a blog post. Showing the logos, packaging and website design as a cohesive and dynamic post to keep the theme of portfolio work strong could be a good tool for driving the career utility home. 

I look forward to the future iterations of this DA!

Pitch Two: Pierro Perspective

(Charlotte Pierro)


Charlotte’s digital artefact, Peirro Perspective,  is the online presence and content of their photography passion across multiple different platforms. I respect the rekindling of their creative side, which I think suits the nature of BCM302’s DA well. The coverage of various platforms like Instagram, Wix and YouTube will be useful for establishing a consistent business identity and reach different audiences. 

I would love to know the exact type of photography content planned specifically, due to lockdown I am not sure how viable taking new images, and then videos of the behind the scenes will be. Perhaps if there is a backlog of past unedited images, this could be an opportunity for Instagram content as a feed picture or even a reel about the editing process. I think that honing in on the website and creating a clear, cohesive identity will be just as crucial as taking newer images.


The multi-use of the footage across YouTube and Reels is a smart use of content. The focus on trends and music selection is an excellent tool for gaining traction online and allows for more traffic to the platform. I appreciate that Instagram seems like a fast production timeline, however, the time required for things to be polished can be underestimated .

I would recommend creating a clear starter pack and an outline of each audience goal per platform. It is important to not spread oneself too thin and compromise on quality. I think that being able to categorise what things should go where and what they should look like will be helpful for the longer term vision. Moodboarding is a great tool for inspiration, as well as looking at other examples of online photography portfolios to understand the industry standard.


The problem being addressed in this digital artefact was perhaps not tackled clearly in the pitch video. If you dig a little deeper, it is noticeable that this will act as a solid portfolio for future career options and can establish a potentially flourishing photography business. While engagement is important to get traction in the business world, a strong foundation of brand identity will only accelerate the effectiveness. Perhaps a professional profile on LinkedIn could also contribute to the online presence. 

This project shows great potential and it will be a clever use of the subject!


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