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advanced digital media project: pitch.

pitch video

additional thoughts.

Still trying to determine a passion or field of expertise in my degree towards the end of my third year is a little bit embarrassing. My overall goal for my digital artefact is to not force anything for the sake of an assessment, but to make what I’m already working with appealing to the professional world. 

By reworking my existing portfolio website and curating my online presence to be palatable for employers I aim to not only package my ‘brand’ but steer myself in the right career direction. One of the most desired outcomes of a portfolio is building the identity of the maker through the “intrinsic ‘believability’ that their work evokes” (Pibernik et al 2014). I want to experiment with different mediums to beef out my site and nail down what content is worth showcasing from me. 

WordPress can be difficult to generate traffic from experience, but the goal is that it is a central hub for my work where users are directed to from Twitter and LinkedIn. Post grad is a competitive time in a student’s career life, and with 40 million people using sites like LinkedIn to search for jobs each week – I want to differentiate myself. 

There is a plethora of free design/website tutorials and research that pinpoint the effective elements of a portfolio. There is also no short supply of inspiration, but, feeding my site elements back into the public is crucial for experimenting with its functionality and impact. Not getting bogged down in perfectionist thinking and getting something pumping out is going to be one of my biggest hurdles. The feedback loop is something I need to prioritise this semester.


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