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should you pre-generate tweets? probably.

Live tweeting for each screening has resulted in a pretty consistent experience with engagement, with comedic angles often taking the interaction cake. After compiling the tweets throughout the semester, it most definitely brought my lack of analytical and academic lenses to attention. Nevertheless, here is my tweeting summary from weeks 1 to 5 thus far for #BCM325


The screening of Metropolis produced some reasonable quality tweets, with some that were pulled from sources and still gained some traction. 

For most of the screenings, I would go through Reddit as a great information hub of less formal but still really valuable opinions. There was a super interesting discussion in this particular subreddit about Metropolis that was still informative without being overwhelming, which might attribute to its the middle of the field likes. 

Relatability with other students was a common theme that raised engagement, but this often lacked any film analysis or subject relevance – just observations or personal experience opinions. An example of a great mixture of student relatability but still making a great point is Alicia’s tweet that I retweeted. 

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey was a smoother viewing experience compared to week 1, which resulted in a bit more discussion interactions due to the fact that it was easier to question. The tweets with the most engagement were in regards to the opening sequence and the ending, both with some jest added for flare. 

Hannah’s tweet raised a great question as a canvas for discussion which made it really easy to engage with and proved for a short, but nice thread that I tweeted into

A pick up that Serena and I had was in regards to the womb and fetal imagery towards the end of them film. While it did not produce a whole lot of engagement, it was great to be able to discuss it real time with someone. 


Westworld was personally my favourite screening, so I tried my hand at making some tweets that could be a discussion point for other students to speak on. They definitely did not become that, but it proved for good insight on questions that people want to share their opinions on. I think phrasing them more like observations and not open ended questions might have been an issue. 

In a reply, again, I tried to create a little discussion, but my observations were just observations with not a huge amount of substance. 

A tweet that did get a reply and some engagement from this screening was one questioning about the portrayal of human motives in the film, but phrased in an easy to digest fun way. 

Blade Runner

Perhaps my most retweeted tweet thus far in the session was during the Blade Runner screening. Admittedly, it is pretty funny, which was the sole reason it got traction. 

Some other tweets that I personally thought were not too bad included one questioning what the Blade Runner universe would look like if it was in a pandemic. The other was a pickup about the continuance of brand signs like Atari from Final Cut into 2049. 

There was quite a bit of discussion on the topic of whether Deckard was a replicant, which sent me into a Wikipedia rabbit hole, where I actually found a great line from the director Ridley Scott. Taylor put out a great poll that I retweeted about this idea as well. 

Ghost In the Shell

In all honesty, I dropped the ball a little bit in the week 5 screening of Ghost In the Shell. This will be the first screening where I will need to go back post-screening and tweet more content. Something I found in my research was in regards to the links between the 1995 film and the Matrix. 

I retweeted Amy’s and Meggen’s tweets in relation to the Matrix correlation as well. Another great tweet was from Alana and her source about the idea of gender shown in the film. 

I think for days like the Ghost In the Shell screening, pre-generating tweets would be a great addition to my tweeting arsenal. I do enjoy finding sources as the screenings commence, but I am not always going to be able to keep up with this technique, with Week 5 being an example of this. 

Concluding thoughts

I did tweet out quite a few articles for most of the screenings, but they did not seem to generate a whole lot of engagement and almost felt like tweet filler – which is not what you want at all. 

For future screenings, I am going to focus on drawing from more future related concepts that are presented in the subject content. This has been a draw back for each of my BCM325 assessments thus far, which is unfortunate, but has provided a good idea on how to move forward in this subject. 


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