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pitch comments & reflection – was it constructive?

Pitch One: Future Career Planning

(Frank Tremain)

This digital artefact is a three part blog post series detailing Franks career plan in different fields of his life. I structured my comments throughout in a very formatted way – what I liked, a source, and what I think needed more work. As you can see in the above comment, I provided an academic source I felt would integrate really well with Frank’s research. Focusing on history was a common theme of what I recommended, which was probably an obvious, but necessary, statement.

In hindsight, with Frank’s feedback, I should have expanded further on the actual lecture content and readings they should refer to. I think I had trouble giving direct sources in this area due to my own lack of understanding of how to move forward, which was something clear in my own pitch. Overall, a pretty solid comment, but definitely needs a few more links and references for substance.

Pitch Two: Future of Music Streaming

(Jett Townsend)

This project will be a TikTok series focusing on different areas of the future of the music streaming industry, with 6 videos included in the plan so far. Jett had included quite a few sources, so I wanted to recommend something that challenged the area of sustainability they were mentioning throughout their pitch.

There were a couple of subject ideas used to create a link of relevance in their video, but I think I should have also included some readings in this area as well. Speculating the future of streaming services is not an easy thing to take on, and needs to have a clearer analytical framework using relevant academic concepts.

Pitch Three: Women’s Health

(Misha Tillson)

This digital artefact is an Instagram account that aims to bring awareness to the issue of womens health and the lack of medical diagnoses for certain issues. With this comment I definitely stripped it back to the basics to try and give some helpful feedback for Misha. The two sources recommended I think will be excellent for them to read and intertwine with their DA.

I honestly felt a little uncomfortable giving feedback that focused on things I did not think were up to par, which really highlights that I have to practice giving constructive criticism on the negative parts of a presentation as well. It is incredibly easy to fall into the habit of only referencing things you liked about something as an attempt to not be ‘mean’ – but touching on what could be done better is the whole reason for feedback to help someone grow.

In the future, instead of only using the article name, including the link would be a better bet. My only hesitation with this is that I am not sure if using the UOW library link will work for all? That is definitely something I should check out. Branching out of only academic sources would also be useful for those who are receiving the comments, news stories and statistics would be more up to date information to use.

This feedback exercise helped me recognise the issues in my own pitch, after seeing other people making the same mistakes. There are gaps of my own subject knowledge which brushing up on will not only help the cohort, but my own project.


Jetto, B 2011, ‘Music blogs as cultural gatekeepers: A typological framework of music blogs’, in Instruments of Change: Proceedings of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music Australia-New Zealand 2010 Conference, International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Melbourne, Vic, pp. 47–52.

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